Marketing and Working Out are the same.

IMG_2626.JPGI’ve been in marketing since 1989 and the famous scapegoat excuse for not being consistent hasn’t changed. That famous excuse is “I’ve advertised for one month and not much happened.”   We’ll of course not! Advertising is like going to the gym….you don’t go work out one time and expect to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.


It takes time and takes being persistent and consistent.  Arnold is consistent in his daily, weekly work out routines. If he stops he loses strength, muscle, tone and the desire. The same is true when advertising. Businesses lose money, market share, brand awareness, identity and momentum. Then they have to start all over. So by starting over it costs more money.  Why you ask? Let’s look at Target and Walmart. Yes, they have a nice budget, but at one time they were a small business. We all know their logo, where they’re located and what they sell because they stay in front of us quite often. When we need something we tend to go where we know, we go where we’re invited. You don’t have to spend a fortune to be consistent but you do need to talk to the right people for your product.

TV is the best choice by far for reaching customers. You reach them when they’re watching.


I’ll continue this article tomorrow. I don’t want it to be boring or too long for a one  read. So, catch more in part 2.

Signing off for now,



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